Helping companies design great experiences by understanding people


I help companies understand people as cultural and social beings instead of as mere numbers on a spreadsheet. I work worldwide as an independent consultant and team up with a variety of partners needed for any given task.  Working independently allows me to provide agile and tailor-made solutions for clients.

Instead of just having kick-off meetings and final presentations I prefer to have a relationship of sharing and learning with my clients. I'm happy to take people with me to the field research and analysis sessions to openly share how I work and to learn from their viewpoints.  Keeping up a dialogue is the best way to make sure that the insights crafted are applicable and touch the right issues for the specific organization. 


References From Previous collaborations:


"Taneli conducted the Finnish leg of our international customer insights project for a worldwide leading cloud service company. His insights were indispensable to a project that exceeded the client's high expectations. His analytical rigour combined with an ability to react quickly make him a great partner to work with."

-Dr. Henning Breuer, innovation consultancy UXBerlin  


"Taneli is a thorough ethnographer who applies ethnomethodology in a wide range of fields including such as customer insight and service design. In Design for Government (, he has tutored our master's students and helped them carry out a more rigorous fieldwork and translate the insight into creative concepts that would benefit the citizens and public servants. 

Taneli is punctual and reliable, but also fun to work with. He is a critical thinker, and has natural ability to observe social phenomena from a fresh perspective. I can strongly recommend him for any line of work that would utilise his expertise in ethnography, but also in creative field where human understanding is a key to a successful outcome. "

-Seungho Lee, founder of the Design for Government course


"Jalkapallon pelaajayhdistys on nuorekas jalkapalloilijoiden edunvalvontayhdistys, joka on pelin ja pelaajan puolella sekä toimii edelläkävijänä suomalaisessa jalkapalloperheessä.  Taneli Heinonen on taitavasti johtanut yhdistyksen järjestämiä työpajoja, joilla on kerätty taustatietoa jalkapalloilijoiden arjesta ja samalla luotu pohjaa jalkapalloilijoiden ja yhdistyksen tulevaisuuden suunnittelulle."

-Markus Juhola, JPY, FIFPro Finland.
Helping the Finnish union of football players to create their new strategy through co-creative workshops on the everyday life of players.


“I have had the pleasure working with Taneli at Laurea University of Applied Sciences when teaching and supervising the service design students. With his deep knowledge, experience and service minded approach he gave a valuable input to the planning and implementation of the two master level courses ‘Deep Customer Insights through Ethnographic Research’ and ‘Service Development Process and Methods of Service Design’. 

As one of the students said: “Taneli’s lectures and tasks were interesting. His way of teaching was inspiring and he had a lot of knowledge and experience to answer even to the trickiest questions with clear arguments.” 

I may recommend him in teaching and supervising the students both in ethnographic research and service design.”

‪-Virpi Kaartti,  Head of the degree programme in Service Innovation and Design, Laurea



Our Mission

Kent County is one of the most severely underserved communities in Tennessee. To combat this adversity, Project Sprout seeks to nourish our neighbors at the most fundamental level with healthy food options and a strong support network. All members get a portion of each harvest and surpluses are donated to low-income families whose work schedules prevent them from volunteering.



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With ten gardens and counting, Project Sprout has seen a significant improvement in mental and physical health for all participating community members. Other than lowering obesity, blood pressure, and depression rates, the crime rate has also fallen. Our children are doing better in school, reporting higher grades and aspirations, and better job prospects.

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Get Involved

If you live near one of our gardens, get involved to receive portions of each harvest. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. There is a rotation in roles, but we’ll teach you all the skills you need to know. Teenagers 14 years and older can earn community service credits for school in addition to getting produce for their families. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them for seed, fertilizer, tools, and outreach.

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